New addition - classic and kind of obvious, but this Dangerous Acquaintances is really nice in person. While referencing online, found this, something completely different from Lustig. Hastings House, 1946.


Psyched for this show hitting Toronto next week.

Wish You Were Here is a photographic retrospective of 80’s dressers from Leeds, paying tribute to friends no longer with us. The exhibition started in Leeds, invaded Dumbo in NYC and graced Paris Fashion Week. Partner at Surface to Air and lifelong Leeds fan Nic Jones, who hosted the Paris event now brings it to Jonathan+Olivia In Toronto.

Here’s what Johnny Lake wrote for the NY show:

“As hip hop stormed the States the U.K. saw the emergence of it’s own unique youth movement. Mods, Rockers, Hippies, Skinheads, Punks they’d all had their moment. The ’80s belonged to a new breed. The Football Casual. Whereas most subcultures had their roots in a particular musical style the Casuals were obsessed with Football. And, as with most things tribal, that inevitably lead to trouble.

A collection of 60+ photographs taken by the protagonists themselves, a group of young Leeds United supporters, Wish You Were Here is a window to their world. Lovable rogues using whatever cameras they could get their hands on, documenting the times, the fashions, the friendships, the football and the fights.Wish you Were There? I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. Neither should you.”

Come on down, grab a beer in the new menswear section, grab yerself a Xmas bargain, chat about football, yes football, see some great photos and knock about with some well dressed and interesting chaps for a couple of hours.

To prepare myself for the subway, I started a crash diet, a military fitness exercise program, and early every morning I jogged in the park. I knew I would need to train like an athlete to be physically able to carry my heavy camera equipment around in the subway for hours every day. Also, I thought that if anything was going to happen to me down there I wanted to be in good shape, or at least to believe that I was.
In transforming the grim, abusive, violent, and yet often serene reality of the subway into a language of color, I see the subway as a metaphor for the world in which we live today.

DJ Grand Wizard Theodore - Subway Rap

Soul Jazz via RA.

A good excuse to revisit this:

DJ Sprinkles - Ball’r (Madonna-free Zone)


you can just taste the intensity

Quietus: “Graham Massey returns to write us another fantastic piece, this time an overview of tracks from the new 808 State anthology, Blueprint with photos taken from his own archive”

Lee, Levi’s, Luker

Does anyone else find it strange that practically the same image shot by the same photographer is being used at the same time by rival jeans heavyweights Lee and Levi’s (like, in the same magazine)? Jeff Luker’s scenes of youths shooting firecrackers into night skies is one of the more prominent shots of the Levi’s “Go Forth” campaign, and also feature as a selling point for Vivienne Westwood and Lee’s new book/campaign 100 Days of Active Resistance. It seems like “Roman Candles, Portland, 2010” is the original, which was selected by VW, while the amped-up Levi’s shot and others were commissioned.

Style Bloggers Reveal What They Shoot With

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